I am a 28 years old creative Illustrator, Art director and Web Designer.

The story of my life (under construction) is made of various chapters; each taking place in different parts of the world.

I grew up in French islands (Reunion and Guadeloupe) and landed in Paris at the age of 16, when I started studying art and design.  In order to reach my dream‘s job,(stated above), I began a personal journey at the London Metropolitan University, from which I graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Design.

After graduating, I worked in London as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer on various projects for the print and book industry, illustrating a serie of three children books.

I continued my journey travelling around Australia and Japan for a year and a half. This life learning experience is to me as valuable as a technical degree as it opened my eyes to the many possibilities that life offers.

Coming back to Paris early 2011, I am currently working as a graphic and web designer in a digital agency named GAYA – La nouvelle agence.

I am passionate about creating relevant, useful and  creative designs while improving my skills. I have many interests such as travelling, drawing, exercising, surfing, listening and making music, meeting people, cooking, enjoying nature… all of those things being my main sources of inspiration.

My job is intimately linked to my views of life and the way I want to live it… and that makes me both fortunate and happy!